Environmentally and Ethically Sound

At It’s Fresh! we take our responsibilities to the natural environment and the communities in which we operate extremely seriously. 

We reflect this in our mission:

To be a world leader in innovative technologies that extend the freshness and quality of fresh fruit and vegetables. We strive to make fresh produce safer, more available and affordable, reducing global food waste in an ethical and sustainable way.

But to us this responsibility goes beyond words; it is the guiding principle in every decision that we take and every product that we create.

Phoenix: Recycling & Reinvestment Initiative

At It’s Fresh! we’ve created Phoenix - an innovative programme designed to increase the amount of product that’s recycled and give back to our customers and communities.

We collect the used It's Fresh! Ethylene Control products when it has arrived at its destination.
  • Creating innovative product recovery processes to prevent unnecessary waste
  • Developing new recycling technologies to maximise the re-use of resources
  • Providing financial incentives to customers throughout the supply chain to recycle more
Contact us to find out how you can help make a difference.
Learn more about Phoenix
It's Fresh! Phoenix

Sustainable and recyclable products

At It’s Fresh! we only use naturally occurring materials in our products, and our production processes are designed to be as energy and resource efficient as possible.

At the end of their life cycle our products are easily recycled, meaning less waste in the environment and greater re-use of valuable compounds.

Supporting communities around the globe

It’s Fresh! has customers in every corner of the globe - we recognise that some of these communities need help to sustain their own environment and businesses.

To help these communities, we match the customers' recycling rebate when paid to an environmental or community charity project.

Safe to use

  • Completely safe to use in any storage, transport or domestic setting
  • No hazardous chemicals and no specialist handling or disposal required
  • Uses a blend of clays and minerals to lock away unwanted ethylene

Reducing food waste

It’s estimated that almost 50% of fresh fruit and vegetables produced globally are wasted. This shocking fact drives us to create our innovative products that ensure a longer shelf life in store and give consumers more time to use their food once at home.

No coating or changes to fruits and vegetables

Unlike some other products on the market, It’s Fresh! Ethylene Control does not add any artificial coating to fruit or vegetables. 

The technology works by removing ethylene from the atmosphere surrounding the produce, and locking it safely away.

As the produce is completely unchanged, it is still able to ripen naturally, delivering the best eating experience to customers. It’s Fresh! Ethylene Control can even be used with certified organic fruit and vegetables.


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