It’s Fresh! As Nature Extended

It’s Fresh! is a revolutionary new type of ethylene absorber. Removes ethylene from around the fruits and vegetables, extending shelf life and helping to slow down this maturation process therefore the fruit quality deterioration.

The level of ethylene production and sensitivity varies between fruits and vegetables. Some fruits produce very little but are extremely sensitive, whilst others produce large amounts – This means that even low emitters can be affected by other fruit around them.

Ethylene production in fruit and vegetables is also affected by stress, such as higher temperatures and mechanical damage in the form of bruising. These can cause fruit and vegetables to produce more ethylene and so accelerate deterioration.

 Control It's Fresh!
ControlIt's Fresh!
ControlIt's Fresh!
ControlIt's Fresh!
ControlIt's Fresh!

Why are It’s Fresh! filters better than other alternatives?

It’s Fresh! filters safely absorb ethylene to help maintain quality.
Key benefits:

  • Complementary to other technologies including chilling and modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) – can be used on its own or in combination with other technologies.
  • 100 x more capacity for ethylene uptake per gram than any other material.
  • Can be used throughout the whole supply chain – from harvest to fruit bowl.
  • Allows fruit to ripen naturally, which contributes to an enjoyable eating experience.
  • Clean adsorption of ethylene – not oxidising. Therefore no harmful by-products are produced.
  • No chemical release.
  • Safe for food and the environment.