Tomatoes ambient shelf life extension

Material tested:

  • Various type of tomatoes packed in clamshells: Cherubs 10.5 oz, Cherubs 32 oz, Glorys 10.5 oz, Sunburst 10.5 oz, Comets 10.5 oz and Chocolate 10.5 oz
  • It’s Fresh! 2×1 retail ethylene filter, (added at source, 1 per pack after harvest)

Produce tested: loose small salad tomatoes, various varieties, source Mexico, two categories (DF, favourable performancevs DM, performance medium)

Company: fruit from Nature Sweet, assessments made by Agro Support of Mexico and Nature Sweet

Test date: November 2017

Testing Method: Tomatoes were harvested, packed and pre-cooled to 11°C in Mexico. The fruit was trucked for 3 days to the USA (AZ) and then stored at 10°C for 6 days + 14 days at ambient temperature (15 to 18°C). This is a total of 25 days from harvest. A total of 13 test days were made (arrival day + 4 days in chilled shelf life + 8 days in ambient shelf life). On each test day 10 boxes per treatment were assessed, this is 1 box per variety per treatment per category (assessments made per fruit for firmness, colour and mould) (each box with 12 or 15 clamshells, variety dependent).


  • Overall the fruit  with It’s Fresh! had a better visual quality, colour and firmness during the trial duration and in particular during the first 5 days in ambient shelf life compared to the Control.
  • Mould start to be visible on day 16 from harvest (= to day 5 in ambient) for both treatments.
  • A life extension of up to 12 days was obtained with It’s Fresh!, depending on the pack format + variety + category:
    • Cherubs 10.5oz DF: Extension of 10 days obtained with It’s Fresh!
    • Cherubs 32 oz DM: Extension of 7 days obtained with It’s Fresh!
    • Cherubs 32 oz DF: Extension of 9 days obtained with It’s Fresh!
    • Comets 10.5 oz DF: Extension of 2 days obtained with It’s Fresh!
    • Chocolate 10.5 oz DF: Extension of 12 days obtained with It’s Fresh!

Figure 1 – Cherubs 10.5 oz DF

Figure 2 – Cherubs 32 oz DF

Figure 3 – Sunburst 10.5 oz DM

Figure 4 – Comets 10.5 oz DM