Case Studies

Increase shelf life – reduce waste

It’s Fresh! is a freshness solution designed to extend shelf life of fresh fruits and vegetables.
Our case studies show how It’s Fresh! has extended the freshness, shelf life and quality of fresh produce.

It’s Fresh! filters, sheets, pads and labels have been adopted by numerous retailers, growers and suppliers all around the world.
Our ethylene removal products improve quality, reduce waste an increases sales and profit.
The commercial and quality benefits have been evidenced in external testing and regular benchmarking by our global customer base.
Freshness is shown to be extended by two or three days, time after time, in independent academic trials.

Visit our Technology page for further information on It’s Fresh! ethylene absorbers 

Strawberries – Retail shelf-life extension at ambient temperature

Avocados – Shelf life extension in ambient temperature

Blueberries – Season storage extension

Bananas – Green life extension on Ecuadorian bananas

Tomatoes – Ambient shelf life extension

Cherries – Meyer shelf life extension from Chile to China in MAP

Cherries – Ambient shelf life extension on short and long transit

Blueberries – Transit from Chile to USA

Avocados – Shelf life extension, ready to eat in chill temperatures