Avocados shelf life extension of ready to eat in chill temperatures

Material tested:

  • Avocados packed in a pulp tray with a flow wrap macro perforated. 2 fruits per pack
  •  It’s Fresh! 1×1 retail ethylene filter (added in the UK at packing, 1 per pack)

Produce tested: Avocado, variety Hass, size 24, source Chile

Company: fruit from Worldwide Fruit

Test date:  December 2016

Testing Method: The fruit was harvested in Chile and sea freighted to the UK.
In the UK the fruit was stored and ripened according to a retailer quality specification. After cooling the fruit was packed in twin packs and trucked to the It’s Fresh! laboratory where all the assessments took place.  The fruit was stored for 13 days at 6°C. The natural shelf life of the fruit was Packing + 5 days. Daily destructives testing were carried out for firmness, external and internal quality. 12 fruit per test day per treatment were assessed.


  • There was a significant difference between treatments in the fruit firmness over the trial period, higher pressures (over 1.30kg) were held for longer on fruit treated with It’s Fresh! compared to the Control (p=0.025, F=5.15, df=1).
  • Fruit firmness under the specification of 0.5kg started being recorded on P+8. There was a 70.5% reduction on over soft fruit (under the limit of 0.5kg) over the trial period with the fruit with It’s Fresh! (1.5%) compared to the Control (5.2%). When looking at a limit of 1kg fruit firmness, there was 41.8% reduction on soft fruit under the limit of 1kg with It’s Fresh! (26.9%) compared to the Control (46.3%).
  • There were no differences between treatments in the level of major defects (stem end rots, internal browning and internal vascular issues) over the trial period (p=1, Chi.sq=0, df=1).

Figure 1 – average fruit firmness. The specification was between 1.9kg to 0.5kg.

Figure 2 – Significant difference on fruit firmness between the treatments (p=0.025, F=5.15, df=1) when all days included. Note the It’s Fresh! fruit maintain higher fruit firmness over the trial period.