Blueberries Transit Trial  – from Chile to arrival in US and fruit quality through consumer shelf-life

Material tested:

  • 500g clamshell macro perforated
  • It’s Fresh! retail filters (added at source, 1 per pack)

Produce tested: Blueberries, source Chile

Company: Agroberries / Raleys

Test date: January 2016

Testing Method:

  • Blueberries packed into 500g Clamshell punnets at source in Chile – 2 treatments: one set of fruit packed with It’s Fresh! filters in the clamshells, with the other set packed without as a Control for comparison
  • All fruit shipped from Chile to US via sea freight
  • On arrival in US fruit then held in retailer / consumer home supply chain conditions
  • Fruit quality evaluations made daily at each stage of the supply chain to capture the development and rate of deterioration of the fruit
  • On Day 9, second day in home, the Berry Fresh individual berry assessment confirmed It’sFresh! extension of quality 2 days vs control
  • On Day 9 second day in Home Individual berry assessment, It’s Fresh! had 27% more fruit scored as ‘Fresh/Marketable’ It’s Fresh! delivered 75% of the fruit as Fresh/Marketable vs control at 59%.
  • Sensory evaluation using a blind taste test on Day 9 – the ItsFresh fruit was chosen as the preferred sample