Cherries Shelf-life Extension sold at ambient at the Guangzhou market in China after being sea freighted from Chile in MAP

Material tested:

  • Loose cherries in 2.5kg boxes with a MAP bag
  • It’s Fresh! Large Transit ethylene filter (added at source, 1 per box after harvest)

Produce tested: sweet cherries, variety Bing, source Chile

Company: Meyer, assessments made by Frutisima

Test date: January 2016

Testing Method: The fruit was harvested in Chile, pre-cooled and packed in boxes of 2.5kg with an MAP liner.
The fruit was sea freighted to China for 25 days at 0°C to 5°C. In Guangzhou, the fruit was held 1 day in drayage before being sold in ambient market for 4 days (MAP bags teared apart). Assessments (count of fruit per quality defect + weight measurements of total bad berries) were made on arrival and during each day in the market. 6 boxes per treatment per test day were fully assessed (this is 15kg of cherries per treatment per test day).


  • It’s Fresh! delivered more cherries sold at a premium price during the 4 days at ambient
  • After 2 days in ambient, there was a 68.5% reduction in waste obtained with It’s Fresh!
  • A quality extension of 2 days was obtained with the technology It’s Fresh!.
  • No bad aroma or off taste were recorded during the trial duration.

SFG – without ethylene technology

(packed 11/12/2015)

Meyer – with It’s Fresh!                 

(packed 05/12/2015, 6 days older than SFG)

Figure 1 – Visual quality of cherries treated with It’s Fresh! compared to no ethylene treatment. Note that even being 6 days older, the fruit treated with It’s Fresh! looks brighter and lighter red colour.

Figure 2 – Percentage of cherries classified as Fresh during the 4 days in ambient market.