Green Bananas Transit Trial – Green-life extension over 30 days on Ecuadorian bananas

Material tested:

  • Loose banana, 13.5kg box with a Banavac high density plastic liner (MAP).
  • Small Transit It’s Fresh! ethylene filter (added at source after harvest, 1 per box)

Produce tested: Banana – Variety Cavendish, source Ecuador

Company: fruit Sanlucar, assessments made by Global Quality Consultants FZE

Test date: July 2018

Testing Method: Fruit harvested and packed in Ecuador, then sea freighted to the Middle East at 13.5°C for 35 days. On arrival each treatment had 40 boxes assessed. Assessments made by cluster for major quality defects and colour. In addition on arrival 30 boxes Control and 30 boxes It’s Fresh! were held in the same room at 14°C for an additional 49 days. This fruit was assessed on alternate days without opening the liners to capture the point of colour break (colour turning yellow). On the last assessment day, each box was opened and each cluster was analysed for colour and major quality defects.


  • This was strong quality fruit. No yellow turning colour was seen on any treatment on arrival after 35 days sea freighted.
  • First failure for turning colour was recorded after 70 days from harvest for It’s Fresh! vs 62 days for the Control.
  • After 84 days from harvest, 93% of the Control fruit had failed for turning colour compared to only 50% of the It’s Fresh! boxes.

It’s Fresh!


Figure 1 – Example of colour stage on day 44 GL (It’s Fresh on the left and Control on the right).

Figure 2 – Proportion of boxes failing due to colour stage 2.

Figure 3 – Proportion of boxes failing due to colour stage 3.

It’s Fresh!


Figure 4 – Example of colouration on day 49 of the GL (=84 days of transit): It’s Fresh left colour 2 vs Control right colour 3

Figure 5 – Proportion of fingers failing due to colour stage 2+ on day 49 GL