It’s Fresh! freshness solutions are delivering extra quality and value for the fresh produce industry from growers, supply chain through retail to the consumers home.
It’s Fresh! products are designed to remove ethylene the ripening hormone from the immediate surroundings of fresh produce, creating a protected atmosphere “freshasphere” around the produce. Our innovations are cost-effective, life-sustaining products, which also maximise the efficiency of energy, labour, water and other precious resources. Our progress has been grounded in hard science, rigorous testing and world-class manufacturing.

Visit our Technology page for further information on It’s Fresh! ethylene absorbers 

The Grower

Produce growers around the world are working with It’s Fresh! to extend their produce quality and add value to their supply chain by…

  • Improving flexibility around harvest timings: pick later for better flavour and more weight
  • Extends seasons and selling at a better price
  • Extending storage life
  • Granting greater accessibility to global markets
  • Extends shelf-life and freshness
  • Reduces transit damage and losses: less claims at arrival
  • Protects from unplanned temperature breaks
  • Helps growers social, environmental and sustainability objectives

The Supplier

Fresh produce suppliers are keep looking for ways to provide continuous quality improvement of their produce. It's Fresh! is their solution by...

  • Extending product shelf-life and sensory quality
  • Increase sales availability and stimulates category growth
  • Reduce waste from transit, packing and delivering to end customer
  • Greater consistency and management of maturity.
  • Reduced grade-outs and rejections
  • Strengthen the suppliers social, environmental and sustainability initiatives

The Retailer

Retailers are constantly being challenged for the increasing demands of quality freshness, whilst being ecologically sustainable for our planet by reducing food waste. It's Fresh! helps retailers to achieve their goal's by...

  • Improving, extending quality and sensory shelf-life
  • Reducing in-store waste
  • Increasing store sales and on-shelf availability
  • Increasing satisfied returning customers
  • Reducing customer complaints
  • Contribute to the retailers social, environmental and sustainable initiatives