What the Industry is saying…

“The quality of stone fruit this season improved by 6% on arrival to the US, both sea and air freight, this means that the level of rejections upon arrival at DC decreased considerably”.

Octavio Meyer – Senior Sourcing Manager, Walmart.

“This technology helps to preserve the quality of our fruit which is important for customers who want their food to stay fresher for longer”.

Hugh Mowat – Head of Quality Produce & Horticulture, Morrisons PLC

“Through the use of It’s Fresh we have been able to increase product life in bulk shipments. We found it evened out the firmness range and on Williams reduced the incidence of scald.”

Tony Harding – Technical & Procurement Director Worldwide Fruit

“We have used It’s Fresh! extensively in our shipments over the last 4 years both domestically and international. In a nut shell it extends the shelf life of our fruit by an average of 4 extra days which equates to a net benefit of $2 -$3 per case.”

Brian Keavy, VP Sales & Marketing,  Kingsburg Orchards

“We used It’sFresh! in several transit shipments to UK & Europe, in every case we saw the beneficial outcome of extended quality. We are delighted with the results and will be using It’sFresh! in more of our shipments for the coming season and beyond.”

Wayne Mudge – MD Cape Five RSA

“Having successfully launched It’sFresh! on Stone Fruit with Marks & Spencer in 2013, during the 2014 summer season we conducted robust commercial trials with Morrison’s, resulting in sales increases and markdown reductions. This has led to a full roll out on all Nectarines and Peaches.”

Tim Brill – Commercial Executive Univeg Katope

“I would like to thank It’s Fresh!.We used to throw away between 10-20% of our produce due to spoilage. Now all we do is toss in a couple of It’s Fresh filters into the cases and we have reduced waste to below 5%. I would highly recommend It’s Fresh!”.

Thomas Hutsell – Owner The Big 10 Restaurant Group

“The It’s Fresh! product is very helpful, the vegetables will keep fresh longer. We in the hotel ‘Viva’ use it in the Kitchen especially with green vegetables like Avocado and Broccoli”.

Emanuela Fischer – Head Chef, Viva Mayr Detox Clinic, Austria

What the Scientists are saying…

“It’sFresh! suppressed post harvest senescent decline and maintained natural disease resistance”.

Prof. Leon Terry, Cranfield University, UK

“It’sFresh! has shown to have a significant positive effect on quality and life extension in different packaging types and temperature regimes; fruit tested with It’sFresh! had increased saleability over fruit tested without It’sFresh!”.

Dr Felix Lippert, Hortkinetix, Germany

“After 14 months of testing protocols covering berries, tomatoes, pears and avocados, this technology has consistently demonstrated the ability to extend product life, product quality and substantially reduce waste.”

Dr Chris Bishop – Writtle University College, UK

What the Consumers are saying…

“I bought strawberries yesterday at Morrison’s and would like to congratulate you on your air filter which I think is fantastic – I applaud you and your innovation and wish I could afford shares in a company such as yours! All the best for a successful future”.

Sharon Dobson – 3 July 2015

I was so sick of having to throw away berries before I had a chance to eat them. Recently I’ve noticed the strawberries from Morrisons had a green and white striped square in the box called It’s Fresh that absorb ethylene. I can definitely tell the difference with my berries lasting longer”.

J Slattery – The Guardian 4th July 2016

“My son finished off a punnet of raspberries this morning – the best before date was 2nd July and the raspberries still looked perfectly ripe today… very impressed! I shall be recommending to my friends to buy fruit from Morrisons, and later when more widely available, to hunt down the Its Fresh! label”

Beverley Thomas – 7th July 2016