BBC Three Counties radio interview with Peter Durose at It’s Fresh!

Walmart’s supervisor feedback on It’s Fresh! filters, she says compared to last year 40% better fruits with It’s Fresh! ethylene remover filters

Interview with Dean Martel about It’s Fresh! ethylene absorber filters for the fresh produce industry, retail and supply chain.

 Its Fresh! innovation, smart filter to reduce food waste at home in supermarkets, retails, during shipping and in storage. It’s Fresh! filter helps to extend quality, freshness and shelf life or fruits and vegetables.

It’s Fresh! ethylene freshness tech on Technology Tv Show

UK-based company It’s Fresh! Developed small sponge-like filter papers that absorb ethylene, the naturally occurring gas that ripens fruit and vegetables. By absorbing ethylene, the maturing process slows, extending shelf life, helping you get through your grocery haul and reducing the amount of food wasted throughout the system.

Fresh berries in UK supermarkets protected by It’s Fresh! filter

It’s Fresh! invented a smart filter to extend quality and freshness in fruits and vegetables

It’s Fresh! at CleanEquity Monaco ethylene filters and food waste

It’s Fresh! director Simon Lee talks about the challenges of food security and the role of managing food waste in feeding our growing population.

Prof Leon Terry interview – scientific trials of It’s Fresh! Ethylene filters on strawberries

How the It’s Fresh! filters reduce fresh produce waste and extends freshness

It’s Fresh! filter cutting waste and improving quality from harvest to home

Strawberries shelf-life comparison with It’s Fresh! filter and without. See the difference