The It’s Fresh! Technology

It’s Fresh! products are made with our active ingredient  e+™ which is made from a proprietary blend of clay and minerals.
The combination of the porous nature of the clay and the formulation of the minerals means e+™ only adsorbs certain molecules and it is highly selective to ethylene. It has no effect on larger desirable molecules such as flavour and aroma compounds, which leaves them present in and around the fruit for consumers to enjoy.

When  e+™ is placed near the fruit the ethylene is safely adsorbed via the process of chemisorption.
The chemisorption is a process of making chemical bonds and is a much stronger process than physisorption, which only relies on weaker intermolecular forces (van der Waals forces). This means e+™ is 100 times better at removing ethylene than any other material.

What are It’s Fresh! filters made from?

It’s Fresh! Filters are constructed in 3 layers. The e+™ active is the filling in the middle enclosed on one side by a food grade BOPP film and on the other side a medical grade Tyvek membrane. The BOPP film is water proof and gas impermeable.

The Tyvek membrane is waterproof but is gas permeable – it is through this membrane that the ethylene gas can pass to be adsorbed by the e+™ active.
The Tyvek membrane is also printed with the It’s Fresh! logo. This green ink is safe and approved for direct food contact.
The design of this construction means that the It’s Fresh! filter is completely safe to be placed in direct contact with food. It is physically tough and durable so that it is perfectly adapted for use in the cold, humid environments associated with fresh produce supply chains.

It’s Fresh! ethylene filter Simple, powerful and highly effective 

How It’s Fresh! works?

It’s Fresh! is a revolutionary new type of ethylene absorber. Removes ethylene from around the fruit helping to slow down this maturation process and therefore the fruit quality deterioration.

The level of ethylene production and sensitivity varies between fruits and vegetables. Some fruits produce very little but are extremely sensitive, whilst others produce large amounts – This means that even low emitters can be affected by other fruit around them.

Ethylene production in fruit and vegetables is also affected by stress, such as higher temperatures and mechanical damage in the form of bruising. These can cause fruit and vegetables to produce more ethylene and so accelerate deterioration.

It’s Fresh! filters adsorb and lock in ethylene, the ripening hormone in fresh produce

What is Ethylene?

Ethylene gas is a naturally produced plant hormone – and probably the most important  of all the plant hormones in terms of the number of processes it controls. Fruit and vegetables produce ethylene and use it as a signal to increase respiration and to speed up the natural maturation and ripening process.
Most fruits and vegetables are sensitive to ethylene and so ethylene is a factor in how long produce can be stored and sold after harvest.
Even at extremely low concentrations in the air, ethylene causes accelerated ripening and aging. In fact, ethylene can cause these effects at concentrations of 1 part of ethylene in 10 million parts of air!

Ethylene, the major cause of premature ripening, has been detected in a very wide range of fresh produce, from berries to broccoli, and further implicated in the propagation of rots and moulds. The filters have been extensively tested by leading international academic and research houses. They are used by global retailers, growers, and suppliers.

Independent global consumer panels show fruit protected by It’s Fresh! filters is strongly preferred. There are loose filters and transit sheets for packers to insert themselves or the technology can be pre-integrated into plastic films and fruit packs. The filter can be used in synergy with other technologies or more often to replace them.

Interview based upon independent academic research conducted by Prof. Leon Terry, Director of Agrifood at Cranfield University. Prof. Terry is not retained in any capacity by It’s Fresh! and is a strong advocate of independent scientific research.

Why are It’s Fresh! filters better than other alternatives?

It’s Fresh! filters safely absorb ethylene to help maintain quality.
Key benefits:

  • Complementary to other technologies including chilling and modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) – can be used on its own or in combination with other technologies.
  • 100 x more capacity for ethylene uptake per gram than any other material.
  • Can be used throughout the whole supply chain – from harvest to fruit bowl.
  • Allows fruit to ripen naturally, which contributes to an enjoyable eating experience.
  • Clean adsorption of ethylene – not oxidising. Therefore no harmful by-products are produced.
  • No chemical release.
  • Safe for food and the environment.