Our Business

It’s Fresh! food freshness technology is delivering freshness solution to the fresh produce industry from growers to retailers. Extending produce shelf-life, freshness and quality.

Inspiration, innovation and delivery

It’s Fresh! products are made from sustainable and recycled materials, delivering food security and reduce produce waste to communities around the world. Our aim to make fresh produce safer, more available, affordable and reducing global food waste in sustainable way.
Our innovation strategy is underpinned by our Mission. We innovate, design and create sustainable and transformative products to extend freshness and quality, reducing waste and improving availability. We deliver positive change to the fresh produce industry.

It’s Fresh! transit sheets and filters

Our Mission

To be a world leader in innovative technologies that extend the freshness and quality of fresh food and flowers. We strive to make fresh produce safer, more available and affordable, reducing global food waste in an ethical and sustainable way.

Our Partners

Food Freshness Technology Holdings

Food Freshness Technology Holdings (FFTH) is the parent and holding company of It’s Fresh!  responsible for corporate governance. The FFTH board also offers strategic review and, from time to time, direct practical assistance and back up to the It’s Fresh! operational board, management and team. To date we have raised over $35m to support It’s Fresh! in delivering a range of unique products, within the food technology arena.

These are helping retail groups, their supply chains and other food suppliers address the key challenges of food security, global waste and industry profitability.