A new generation of Ethylene Control Technology

Naturally extend the shelf-life and enhance the eating experience of fresh fruit & vegetables 

Control ethylene, control waste

In Transit. In Storage. In Retail

Let us help you reduce your waste and improve profits. Find out how successful growers have benefited from this simple, clean technology throughout the supply chain.

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Ethylene Control
After temperature and time, ethylene is the key factor in determining how quickly fruit and vegetables ripen and eventually spoil.

By controlling the amount of ethylene in the transit and storage environment, produce is allowed to mature naturally, but at a rate that delivers the best possible condition and quality at the point of sale.
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Fruit & Vegetables
It’s Fresh! Ethylene Control is the perfect solution for keeping your produce fresh for longer and retaining a great texture and taste. 

Learn how our technology can be used in transit, storage, and retail applications.

Discover the fruits and vegetables that benefit from It's Fresh! Ethylene Control and the savings to be made.
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We offer free access to our technical team and diagnostic tools, so that you can understand exactly how It’s Fresh! Ethylene Control can deliver the ideal level of protection for your circumstances.

Take control of your waste! Find out how and get started with your free ethylene risk assessment now.
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Clean technology that naturally extends shelf life

It’s Fresh! is a food technology business that helps the entire food supply chain to extend the shelf-life of fresh fruit and vegetables, to reduce waste and optimise produce quality.

In our work with growers, distributors, wholesalers and retailers we aim to improve food security, safety and affordability for communities around the world.

We achieve this through innovation and transformative products that use sustainable and recycled materials to reduce our own, and our customers, impact on the environment.

Use It’s Fresh! for transit, storage & retail

It’s Fresh! Ethylene Control can be used throughout the fresh food supply chain, ensuring that produce is kept in optimal condition at every stage of its journey from producer to market.

The technology allows the product to be formed into almost any size and shape, from large scale transit packaging to individual product containers. 

The product is simple to insert and require no specialist equipment or handling. And it's also suitable for use in organic production.

In Transit

Use throughout crop transit, no matter what the method of transport
Choose less time-urgent, more cost effective logistical solutions
Access valuable new markets, further from the point of production

In Storage

Use in storage settings both before and after shipping
Enjoy greater peace of mind when dealing with logistical delays or backlogs
Gain added flexibility in getting your crop to market at the optimum time

In Retail

Use in consumer retail packaging to protect whole or prepared produce
Extend suitable for sale time and maximise returns on produce
Improve the consumer eating experience with longer at-home freshness

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