Control the ripening of kiwis in transit, reducing defects and delivering great quality to market

Protect delicate fruits throughout the supply chain to extend shelf life and maximise prices

It’s Fresh! Ethylene Control allows you to manage the rate of fruit ripening across the supply chain, delivering it to the customer in the best possible condition. 

Suitable even for certified organic crops, the technology works without altering the fruit in any way, giving a great customer eating experience.

  • Dramatically reduce wastage in transit to maximise the yield from your crop
  • Reduce the inherent risk of damaged fruit adversely affecting an entire batch
  • Maximise returns by accessing the markets that most value your fruit
  • Enhance your reputation as a supplier of high-quality produce
Kiwis can be in transit and stored for a relatively long period of time without significant deterioration, given the right conditions. One of the key issues is that any damaged or diseased fruit within a batch can very quickly cause deterioration of the rest of the fruit, and kiwis are particularly prone to both.

One way to help to overcome this is by controlling the level of ethylene in the environment in which the fruit is packaged. This means that the excess ethylene produced by the stressed fruit does not get a chance to stimulate rapid ripening in the rest.

It’s Fresh! Ethylene Control effectively manages the amount of ethylene kiwis are exposed to, ensuring that they arrive at market in optimal condition.

The It’s Fresh! technology is easy to incorporate into any type of packaging, including the separated layers and perforated wrapping often used to protect kiwis.

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Control ethylene for optimal shelf life

Ethylene is a growth hormone which all plants need. It plays an essential role in ripening, protection against pathogens, and the development of aromas and flavours in fruit and vegetables.

By controlling ethylene, you can slow the rate at which the fruit matures in a deliberate way, that still allows it to ripen as it would naturally - just over a longer time frame.

It’s Fresh! provides patented technology scientifically proven to deliver extended ripening and reduce waste, while retaining the natural great taste.

It’s Fresh! Ethylene Control:

  • Is a clean technology – suitable for use in organic production
  • Can be applied through the whole supply chain
  • Is safe and easy to use. It requires no special handling, removal, or disposal
  • Doesn’t coat the fruit or change it in any way

How It’s Fresh! can support your business

Improve shelf life and quality
  • Better post-harvest quality of fruit
  • Maintain visual appeal
  • Reduce production loss and unnecessary waste
  • Maintain a reputation for quality
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Grow your market
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  • Gain access to new markets by extending the life of produce, allowing for longer transits
  • Ship further inland and reduce reliance on the more saturated markets at the main port areas
Deliver a great-tasting product to your customer
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  • A superior eating experience with a taste equivalent to tree-ripened fruits
  • Drive customer satisfaction and your reputation for quality by consistently delivering superior quality products
Peace of mind
  • Control fruit ripening in a way that doesn’t stop or risk maxing out
  • Know that with It’s Fresh! Ethylene Control, your crop will cope with any delays and arrive at its destination in the best possible condition
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Driven by science
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  • Get the best results without over-spending via our sophisticated diagnostics
  • Determine the exact level of control required for your specific crop and transit routes
Benefit your bottom line
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  • Obtain the flexibility to hold fruit quality for longer
  • Give wholesale markets more time to sell fruit at a better price

Let us help you reduce your waste

When you choose It’s Fresh! technology to safeguard your crop, you benefit from our years of research, experience, and sophisticated diagnostics, which means we can precisely ‘prescribe’ the technology required to suit your specific produce, transit routes and customer requirements.

We work with you to get your crop to market in the best possible condition, generating maximum value, using our five-step process:


Your specific varieties, conditions and requirements are understood


Using sophisticated diagnostic tools, your crop is tested to determine the characteristics of the produce


Your transit technology is specified to result in the shipment arriving in optimal condition. This is determined based on the diagnostics for your specific crop and transit route


We review your actual crop results and performance


We further refine the technology specification based on actual outcomes to continually improve your results over time

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Take control of your waste and improve your profit margin. Find out how with a no-obligation risk assessment.

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What people say about It's Fresh! Ethylene Control

It’s Fresh! gave us extra days, allowing us to hold the fruit, waiting for a better price at the market
Romy Meyer
Commercial Manager at Exportaciones Meyer, LTDA

In tests, It's Fresh! Ethylene Control maintained kiwifruit pressure and reached optimal ethylene concentrations faster than Potassium Permanganate or no treatment

It’s Fresh! controllers maintained significantly better firmness over both untreated and KMn04

A strict protocol was followed with five replicates across four treatments over 46 days* to compare ethylene control and fruit pressures in kiwifruit stored at zero degrees Celcius in San Jorge MAP bags.

The initial firmness for fruit used in all treatments was the same at 9.8 lbs. Four treatments were used in the trial:

T0 = untreated
T1 = 70G It’s Fresh Ethylene Control
T2 = 60G It’s Fresh Ethylene Control
T3 = 5g sachet KMn04

It is essential to control ethylene levels to around 5ppb to maintain critical levels of key aromas and flavour compounds whilst keeping fruit from losing pressure.

Both It’s Fresh! 70G and 60G were faster at controlling ethylene than KMnO4, with 60G being fastest.

Fruits packed with It's Fresh! Ethylene Control experienced lower pressure loss than those packed with a Potassium Permanganate sachet or the untreated control.

Pressure loss at 46 days

*Trial started at day 69 post harvest

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

You'll begin by talking with one of our technical experts who will ask some questions, and collect information about your crops, customers and goals.

They run smart diagnostics to help you decide on the best solution for your business. You'll understand what you can do to achieve the highest possible return on investment.

Why do I need an ethylene controller?

To understand the value of an ethylene controller, it is necessary to understand how ethylene affects fruit and vegetable ripening. As fruits and vegetables mature, they go through a series of changes in color, texture, and flavour.

These changes are part of the process of ripening, which is essential for the development of eating quality.

Ethylene is a plant hormone that plays a central role in crop ripening. As fruits and vegetables mature, they produce increasing amounts of ethylene. The ethylene then acts on the produce to bring about the changes associated with ripening.

One of the most important benefits of using an ethylene controller is the slowing of ethylene during transit and storage. By reducing ethylene, the ripening process is slowed down and fruit and vegetables can be kept in storage for a longer period without becoming overripe. This is important because it allows the product to be shipped further distances and arrive in better condition.

Is it safe to use?

Yes, it is. 

Unlike some other products on the market, which use 1-MCP or potassium permanganate, which are not approved for use on organic fruit and vegetables and can be hazardous to use.

It's Fresh! Ethylene Control is food safe and suitable for use in organic production.

It does not coat or change the product in any way. 

Can you prove it works?


We work with scientists at universities in multiple countries - in particular the world-leading experts at the University of Greenwich, Natural Resources Institute, and Cranfield University, Plant Science Laboratory.

We operate a diagnostics lab at which our technical experts run continual testing via gas analysis, resistance guage, and sophisticated visual analysis.

These are further validated by real-world test results. Our technical team are happy to discuss your potential results and run some diagnostics for you.

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